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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Phone to Computer
Want to backup contacts from Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Note 2/Note 3 to computer? Read this page, you will get the best assistant software to help you achieve that.

Guide to Backup Messages from Samsung Smart Phone to PC
The best way to reduce the loss of losing messages from mobile phone is to transfer them to computer as a backup first. Try this software, you will be able to completely copy SMS from Samsung phone to computer without any loss.

Simple Way to Print Out Messages from Samsung Mobile Phone
For some reasons, you may need to print off text messages from your mobile phone. In this article, it will provide you with the best tool to help print Samsung messages for further uses.

Best Tool to Export Contacts from HTC Phone to Computer
In many situations, you may lose your HTC contacts by accident. Now with this software, you can entirely copy all contacts from your HTC smart phone to PC as a backup. Then you won't suffer from losing contacts any more.

How to Copy Text Messages from HTC Smart Phone to PC
In general, we are forbidden to directly export text messages from HTC mobile phone to computer via a USB cable. By running this software, you are able to freely backup all messages from HTC phone to PC at will.

Tips & Tricks on Printing Messages from HTC Phone
In this page, you will get the most practical tool to print text message conversations from HTC mobile phone. In addition, you can take this software for more usages as you like.

Best Solution to Backup Contacts from LG Phone to Computer
This article will introduce you how to transfer LG contacts to computer as a backup file with the best backup assistant. If you own a LG smart phone, this tool can also act as a management program to help edit contacts on PC.

How to Export Messages from Android Phone to Computer
If you are forbidden to directly transfer text messages from Android smart phone to computer, this software could be a good assistant. With it, you are able to backup all Android SMS to PC within clicks.

Simple Steps to Copy Contacts from Android to PC
By working this software, you can save all phone numbers on your contacts list to computer within seconds. If you want to backup Android contacts to computer, it must be your best choice.

Tutorial on Printing off Messages from Android Phone
To successfully print out text messages from Android mobile phone, you can transfer them to computer first. With this Android Assistant software, you can achieve that within several steps.

Easy Way to Copy Photos/Videos Between MEIZU and Computer
In this article, you can get the most useful program to transfer pictures/videos between MEIZU mobile phone and computer as you like.

How to Backup Contacts & Messages from HUAWEI Ascend to PC
As many factors may lead to the data loss from your HUAWEI Ascend mobile phone, you can try this program to transfer contacts and text messages from your HUAWEI phone to computer as a backup.

How Can I Transfer Files Between HUAWEI and Computer
Now you can try this software to backup photos and videos between HUAWEI phone and computer at will. Just read this page to learn more.